How to Design a Meaningful Engagement Ring

One of the main reasons that people decide to create a custom engagement ring rather than purchase one of-the-shelf is to add sentimentality and personalization to their ring.

There’s something so special knowing that your partner’s planning, vision and hard work went into the ring you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life.

There are a few simple considerations for design and customization we recommend thinking about as you get started.

The most important thing about each of these elements is how they relate to the ring-wearer – their taste and lifestyle.

Here’s how you truly design a ring that reflects your partner:

Stone Selection:

Your first decision will be the stone selection. There are many types of gemstones to choose from, but ensure that you choose something durable for their lifestyle. A diamond for example is a 10 on the hardness scale, a sapphire is a 9 – both are suitable for everyday wear. 

Beyond durability, what style would your partner love wearing every day? A traditional white diamond? Perhaps a more unique grey or black diamond? Do your research and try to ask your partner their preference. If you’re keeping it a surprise – see our tips on how to be stealth.

After deciding on the type of gemstone, the shape and size are your next considerations. This is a good place to start in the design process as all design elements should enhance and feature your centre stone.

Accent Stones:

Accent stones can add personality to your ring – especially if you want it to reflect a certain era or design aesthetic. Types of accent stones include a halo, pavé diamonds on the band, or side stones.

In order to decide on this design element, think about your partner’s style. Are they a maximalist or a less-is-more type of person? Do they love vintage clothing and art-deco era design, or a minimalist at heart? All of these preferences can be incorporated into the overall look/feel of their ring. 

Gold Colour:

We work with yellow, white and rose gold – each of which enhance different aesthetics. Our general tip is to choose the colour of gold your partner tends to wear, even if it’s their costume jewelry.

Different karats of gold also effect the colour in subtle ways – but we go over these details in our design consultations.

Setting Height:

Sometimes overlooked, this design element is important to consider. Rings can be made to sit higher or lower on the finger depending on preference and lifestyle. The pro of a ring that sits above the finger is that a wedding band can sit flush with the ring – perfect for stacking. But someone who’s very active may prefer a design that sets the centre stone flush with their finger. This low-key look is comfortable but requires a shaped wedding band – which can look amazing.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, book a consultation with Alexis who will help simplify the process and answer any questions you have.