Meet the Team

Turnsmith is powered by a team of makers, creatives, dreamers and perfectionists. 


At the core is sister-team Alexis and Mercedes Smith who work together to bring Turnsmith to the people who are seeking an alternative engagement ring option that's ethical, hand crafted and high quality. 


Alongside Alexis and Mercedes, Turnsmith works with several family-run businesses, who've passed their unique craft down from generation to generation.

About Alexis:

Alexis has had an undeniable passion for crafting jewelry since she was ten years old. As she got older, that love of creating evolved into a hunger for knowledge and practice, perfecting her craft as a fine jeweler.  Following the completion of her Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts, she pursued her education as a Goldsmith and Jewelry Designer.

After working as a custom jeweler in Toronto for almost a decade, Alexis listened to her clients feedback and international jewelry trends, and began forming the essence of Turnsmith.

She was drawn to the individuality of black and grey diamonds and understood how meaningful custom designs are for clients. She felt there was a gap in the market for the next generation who have changing priorities and expectations when it comes to their engagement. 


She just needed the missing ingredient, Mercedes, to transform Turnsmith into an international name.

Alexis works one-on-one with clients throughout the entire design process. She strives to ensure each client feels confident, knowledgable and proud of what they've created. 

About Mercedes:

With a background in brand building and content strategy, and a love for her sister’s creativity and perfectionism; leaving the corporate world to start Turnsmith was a no-brainer.

Before Turnsmith, Mercedes worked at a large communications agency helping international brands develop their identities and find innovative ways to connect with the people that matter most to them.

Mercedes’ favourite part about Turnsmith is the marriage of the best of online and offline with the convenience of smart technology, but the personal touch of one-on-one relationships. Also the part when they say ‘yes!’

Mercedes focuses on bringing jewelry and gemstones to life for clients, through photography, videos and words on our website and social media.