Nice to Meet You


Turnsmith is a Canadian fine jewelry company, run by two sisters. We specialize in the highest quality alternative fine jewelry, inspired by the world's most unique diamonds and gemstones. We offer customers a new way to shop for engagement rings, online.



Our standards are rigorous. From our diamond sourcing to microscope hand-setting, we never cut corners. Our team are masters of their craft and it shows. This isn't 'mall' jewelry and that's the way we like it.


We believe that your custom ring should be a reflection of the person wearing it; and the design experience should be just as personal.

We offer complementary one-on-one consultations and digital renderings with our lead designer, Alexis, so that we can get to know you.

With hundreds of possible design combinations and the world's most unique diamonds, no one will ever mistake your ring for anyone else's.



We're proud to run a sustainable and ethical business. Our jewelry is locally handcrafted in Toronto, Canada. Our materials are sourced in accordance with the most rigorous UN and international standards. We have personal relationships with our craftspeople and suppliers, many of whom operate family businesses, too.