Why Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Are Becoming the Go-To-Choice for Millennials.

The average age of marriage is trending older than past generations.  Couples are choosing to marry because the want to, not because they have to.  Just as consciously, Millennial couples embark on their union as an expression of values, rather than to achieving a cookie-cutter wedding.

This all starts with the decision to get engaged; with the how and why setting the tone for the future.


Expectations Are Changing from ‘Little Blue Box’ to ‘One-of-a-Kind’. 

Traditional mined diamonds essentially all look the same.  Of course, differences in quality affect the appearance of ‘normal’ diamonds, but the differences are minute.

Many Millennials are unimpressed by the ostentatious nature of status-quo diamonds.  They seek a ring as individual as they are, to represent their engagement.  The beauty of a black or grey diamond is in the eye of the beholder. Each stone is totally one-of-a-kind.  This guarantees that a couple’s ring will never be mistaken for anyone else’s.   

A Question of Price: Millennials Value Experiences

The old saying that an engagement ring should cost three month’s salary makes most 20-somethings laugh, or cry. The truth is, many young couples prioritize exploring the world, adventures with friends, or saving for the impossible urban-housing market over a big rock. 

This change in mindset sends many couples seeking an alternative, but long-lasting engagement ring option.  Enter rose cut diamonds. An alternative diamond option that is just as strong as a brilliant diamond, but of better value, usually by about 3 times. This means a budget for a 0.50 carat brilliant cut diamond could get you a 1.50 carat black or grey rose cut diamond! 


Buying Less and Buying Well 

Millennials are savvy shoppers.  They value quality craftsmanship from a human over a flashy brand name.

They take careful consideration when making a purchase, with quality, ethical materials and personal service being of top priority.

All things considered, weddings have evolved beyond lace and satin since the invention of the flower crown, and boundaries will continue to be pushed as each couple paves their own way.