2018 Year in Review

As we embark into 2019 we’ve done lots of reflecting on the past year. Was it a success? are we feeling happy? Did we do enough? Left with so many questions it’s hard to answer how the day-to-day was looking back at 365 of them.

Seeing as 2018 was our first official year of ‘Turnsmith’ as you know it today we had lots of expectations and plenty of question marks as well. Those expectations applied some pressure and definitely left us feeling like we fell short at times. But what they really did was force us to set goals to achieve them.

We’re big on setting goals. We find they give us structure and something to work towards on a daily basis. Whether it’s in business or in life, when you’re trying to do something new, different, never done before it’s important to set goals.  We’re not saying that you’re going to achieve them, no not at all.  Maybe you’ll nail one, or half, or none – but at least you moved forward; failing, learning and growing.

In order to measure ourselves against our goals it’s really important that we take the time to reflect not just once a year, but as often as daily to keep ourselves honest.

As things slowed down coming up to the New Year, we took a moment to reflect back at all we’d accomplished in 2018 as a business – and let us tell you… the list was long. Not every accomplishment had to do with creating rings, but all were experiences (Sweat, blood, tears) that had us connecting with you.

Looking at this giant list of accomplishments reinvigorated us and launched us into endless conversations about what we expected of 2019, our hopes and goals. We also knew that there was a list just as long of things we never got to – stories half written, designs never finished, but that’s OK too.

While sometimes it can be challenging to take account of what you care about (because that makes it real and means you can fail), we challenge you to do so.  Make a goal, expect more from yourself and others (but hey, be kind to yourself).