What is Alternative, Really?

From the day that we sat at our kitchen table dreaming up what turnsmith would be, we knew that it wouldn't be just another jewelry company. 

'Alternative' means a lot of things:

It's in the retail experience - no need to go through the stress of shopping retail. 

And the diamonds that may not look like diamonds but will last a lifetime. Or those that use modern technology to protect the earth.

Alternative doesn't need to look a certain way or wear a certain thing. It's a state of mind and is reflected in life's smallest decisions. 

A lot of our clients also choose to live life beyond what's expected of them. Be it in the careers they chase, adventures they take or people they all in love with. Getting to know each and every person and their story is what invigorates us to keep innovating.

We're still growing and learning but will always aim to surprise you.